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Hi! I'm Romany

Founder & Creator of La Mama

I am a Holistic Perinatal Guide & Mama Mindfulness Coach

I guide expecting parents to their positive & informed pregnancy, labour, birth & post-partum experience.

I help mamas harness their innate strength and wisdom to better navigate growing their babies, birthing them, getting to know them, and raising them.


Searching for my 'purpose' now feels so silly when all along my purpose was coming to find me, and so it did. After a missed miscarriage, my pregnancy, labour and birth experiences were a mix of high anxiety, deep worry and utter bliss and perfection. The more I informed myself, the more work I did on calming my fears, the more blissful it was. And so I was called to share in my love of growing and birthing babies.

Training as a hypnobirthing instructor opened up the 'birth world' to me and I felt like I was home. I

just wanted every pregnant person to feel confident, in control and empowered. I felt compelled to tell the world that, yes! giving birth can be and should be incredible, awe inspiring, life enhancing, powerful and glorious!

It should make you feel GOOD.

Like most of us, I was told that labour and birth and much of pregnancy is hard, tiring, uncomfortable/excruciatingly painful, undignified, something you just 'have to go through' etc.

And like many of us, I believed that surely, that's not the way it's meant to be.

Would we be so badly 'wired'? Would Nature have made us so wrongly, to the point that the reproduction of our species would, if you listened to some people, come to a halt if it wasn't for medical advances?

And so I read. A lot. And it became quite clear that my body was actually pretty amazing (I already knew this but not quite to the extent I do now) and that along with my baby, it was very likely that it would be able to labour and birth comfortably, easily and the most surprising of all, happily.


Being prepared for my own labour didn't just make my pregnancy more enjoyable and my labour easier and at times ecstatic, it made those first months of motherhood that much sweeter.

The wisdom I received from those experiences opened up parts of me I never knew existed. The strength and power that comes through and from those experiences, rebirths us in the most unexpected ways.

And for me, one of those ways was to guide others towards their own wisdoms, as mamas, and as women, through evidence-based information and practices & traditional wisdom.


Whether you are hoping to become pregnant soon, pregnant, a new mum, a not so new mum or a partner, I want you to know this: YOU ARE STRONG & YOUR EXPERIENCE MATTERS.


I look forward to meeting with you soon,


All my love Romany x

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