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Enea's Birth - 2020

Giulia gave birth to Enea Joel Donolo Gay on the 05.05.20, he was 7.4 pounds and healthy. 


The labour was a long one, lasting almost 48 hours from the first surges to Enea being born around 21:30 on the 5th, after a particularly long and emotional day at the Mendip centre in Southmead hospital. 


Our birth plan had changed due to covid, we were not allowed to have a home birth which led us to choose Cossham birth centre. We arrived there at midnight on the 4th after being in early labour for 24 hours. Unfortunately the midwife sent us home as Giulia was not dilated enough, there is a bone of contention here as the midwife told us that to be admitted, Giulia would need to have a vaginal examination. This is something that was definitely not explained to us and I think probably wrong. We went home and decided that we would not go back, instead we made our way to Southmead hospital ( Mendip centre) at around 7am. 


From this point on, Giulia was in established labour and spent a large chunk of the day in the birthing pool supported by me and a lovely midwife called Ella Amos. After 10 hours or so of surges Giulia entered the "Pushing phase." however Enea was back to back at this point and Giulia was drained, after 2 hours the midwife suggested we move up to the hospital, Enea was birthed by Giulia with the help of forceps and a lovely surgical team with me sat at her side an emotional mess, at this point I couldn't even speak. 


Giulia had "Breathed" her way through 90‰ of the day only using a little gas and air when she got to the pushing phase, I tried my best to remind her of what we learned and it was effective sometimes, other times the fear and pain seemed to overwhelme her, however the classes definitely helped, so thank you for your part in Enea joining us. 

David, Giulia and Enea

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