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Strength in Support

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What we do matters

When I decided to become part of the birth workers world I knew I'd want to dedicate some time, money and energy to helping women, pregnant or not, however I could. So I am so happy and excited to be able to sponsor two amazing Bristol charities. In our over-developed societies we tend to have lost a sense of community, where support networks are scarce and we often don't know where or who to turn to. When in the past we would have had a village, elders and our family, all close, to help us cope with pregnancy, new parenthood and life in general, nowadays we are a lot more isolated, often turning to google for help! There are some great online networks yet we have lost touch with each other in many ways. Communication and support is of the utmost importance around pregnancy and the birth of a child. 

For every course booked, La Mama Hypnobirthing donates £10 each to Womankind and Bluebell. Read up about these two important charities and help me support them too!

Romany x

Hypnobirthing Bristol Womankind

Womankind is a charity who's aim is to improve women's mental health and well-being, run by women in Bristol. 

Hypnobirthing Bristol Bluebell

Bluebell helps support families that are going through depression and anxiety relating to pregnancy and birth.

Project Mama 

Maternity Action for Migrants and Asylum Seekers

The women that run and volunteer in this charity are so important and providing the most incredible support for so many, vulnerable but always strong mamas, and their little ones. I try my best to give some of my time to them whenever I can. Please visit their website and check them out!


"We believe that every mother has the right to give birth safely, make informed choices and receive the support she needs for a positive birth and early parenting experience.

Project MAMA supports women who are refugees, seeking asylum or have irregular immigration status throughout the maternity process. We link women with specialist birth companions and a peer network for support throughout pregnancy, childbirth and in early parenting."

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