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Une Grossesse en Pleine Conscience

For a calm, healthy and positive pregnancy

pregnancy mindfulness, la mama, hypnobirthing

Traduction en cours!

Show me a mum who has not been anxious in one way or another throughout her pregnancy and I will buy you dinner. 

There are many reasons that you may be feeling some degree of worry when you're growing a baby and for the most part this will be healthy stress, your life is just making sure that you are ready for it

It doesn't mean that you can't enjoy your pregnancy though and reap all the yummy physical, emotional and mental benefits of having a second (and maybe more!) heart beating inside your body.

It's a very special time and using some very simple techniques, the Pregnancy Mindfulness mini course guides you towards a better pregnancy.

This is for you if:

*you are generally worried about being pregnant, about your baby and your pregnant body

*you are unsure of how to calm your anxious thoughts around pregnancy and/or labour and motherhood

*it's been a rocky road to getting pregnant

*you have a history of anxiety/stress 

*you want to set yourself up for the best labour and postpartum period possible for you and your baby (the happier you are pregnant, the easier and happier your labour and postpartum will be)

*you would just like to chill out and enjoy growing another human caus' come on, it's bloody amazing and why shouldn't you enjoy it?

What you get:

*2 one to one sessions of 1.5 hours with Romany

*mindfulness and hypnosis based techniques to calm your mind, focus your thoughts and enhance your well-being

*guided meditation tracks

*support materials

*10% off the entire La Mama courses and shop

How it works:

*you can do this mini course anytime after you know you are expecting

*book your mini course and choose your dates and times here

*I recommend you space out the 2 sessions with at least a week in between

*I will send you a list of questions to help me tailor our sessions to your specific needs

*the sessions will be online, you will receive your Zoom invitation with your welcome email

*if regulations allow (assuming we're both in the same place!) we can do the sessions in person

Check out the La Mama to Be circle to connect with other expecting mamas!

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