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Mollie's Birth - 2019

All I can say is wow. Hynobirthing rocks! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I had an induced labour (waters being broke and then an artificial drip) and for 12 hours it was marvellous. No need for pain killers (and I wasn't being heroic). My dad was my birth partner and our practice together made us the perfect team. I totally zoned out, and felt very empowered and happy. Your positive birth statements were always in my head.

The most important thing for me was not knowing how much I was dilated.This was proven at 11 hours when the doctor (who completely supported hynobirthing as his wife had carried it out) had to tell me that I was still only 4 cm dilated and they were concerned for the baby's health.

Eventually I had an emergency c section and although a few tears when I found out and I then had some gas and air as my zone collapsed.But it was still perfect.

As soon as I accepted that a c section was our way and it was best for my daughter, dad and I went into hypnobirthing again and did breathing and calm positive thoughts.

It was totally perfect and I am awe of its power.


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