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Mama Mala & Guided Relaxation

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Every Mama Mala is handmade to order by Romany (me!). This means that as soon as I get your order I start tying the beads with you and your baby(ies) in mind, making the mala very much YOUR mala.

Along with your special mala you will also receive a guided relaxation especially written and recorded for mamas, to help you look after yourself, mind, body and soul.

Mama Malas are perfect for pregnant mummies as the rose quartz worry stone rests perfectly on bump and you can rub your thumb on the stone to help alleviate any fears and anxieties.

Rose quartz, known as the Universal Love stone, enhances the bond between mama and babe during pregnancy, labour and beyond. It helps you stay in the energy of love which is great during labour and after! It's also a great protector and healer. Anchoring you inthe present with kindness, unconditional love for yourself and others.

Amazonite, known as the stone of Hope, is also known for it's nausea alleviating properties and also helps with the sensations of labour. It is a powerful manifesting stone so have your mala handy when you're visualizing your positive birth experience and anything else you wish for!

Sandalwood beads are the traditional mala beads and mindfully sourced straight from India.

108 beads is the traditional number relating to spiritual completion. Motherhood is the most selfless job in the world, the hardest but most beautiful. We are the future makers mamas, we do well to remember what an important job we have!

These beads will accompany you through every step of motherhood, a beautiful reminder to stay present, focus on the moment you are in, and always reminding you that you are doing an amazing job!

Set an intention when you receive your mala, an intention to practice self-care, be gentle with yourself and to trust your instincts. Every time things get overwhelming or simply a little bit much, hold your mala and re-centre. You've got this mama!

Your mala will be around 52cm long.

I aim to have your mala made and sent within 7 days.

You will receive the audio track on receipt of your order.

Images by Hannah B Photography

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