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Arla Nicola Bishop was born at 8:40am on Thursday 10th October.

We wanted to let you know how everything went, and how your classes were able to help us.

We had a great pregnancy, very straightforward and I loved every minute. After your classes we listed to either music or the relaxations most nights as we went to sleep and I’d also listen to the affirmations over and over. From 36 weeks I was drinking lots of red raspberry leaf tea and doing my perennial massage, and from 37 weeks I was using the clary sage oil and gave collecting colostrum a go (although it didn’t really go anywhere!)

I was crampy and we were mega excited for our birthing experience for several weeks, although Arla didn’t make an appearance until 40+6. I think this is where HB was phenomenal! There were lots of messages, questions and suggestions from those around us of how to bring Arla along (as I’m sure every pregnant lady gets!) We saw the midwife at 40 weeks and she offered a sweep, however with the knowledge you gave us, we knew Arla was healthy, safe, and just not ready to join us yet. We declined and I made the most of some very lazy days, had some beauty treatments done, and booked myself for pregnancy acupuncture. My session was Thursday at 9:30, however Arla beat me too it and arrived an less than an hour before! Luckily I was able to text the lady from the delivery room!

Our labour was incredible. My contractions began at 1am and I was excited but completely relaxed. I stood and rocked through them, until 5am when they were very close together. So I showered and we made our way to the hospital. We arrived at around 7am and I was already 8cm. I believe (although she didn’t say) that our first midwife was a Hypnobirthing midwife. She’d clearly read our birth plan and took us to a room with dim lights and fairy lights. She offered to run me a bath and just let me be. I knew I wouldn’t make the bath, and so I climbed onto all fours on the bed and the animal noises began. The midwife was quiet and only offered support when I asked. Chris rubbed my back, played with my hair, and gave me constant encouragement. Pain relief didn’t even enter my mind, it was challenging but completely manageable.

Arla came into the world with me on my back. I did need to be cut, and she was assisted by a small ventouse as her heart rate had dropped. However all along I didn’t worry, I just knew she was ok. She was placed onto my chest, and me and Chris just stared at her for the longest time. We breastfed, did delayed cord clamping, agreed her name and were left to take in all that had happened. We were home before tea.

Everyone has since asked me ‘how was your labour’, often wincing as they do. I just beam at them and reply that it was the most perfect experience ever. I enjoyed every moment and would do it again tomorrow. Similarly the staff at the hospital couldn’t believe how calm Chris or I were, from arrival to birth to leaving. We felt knowledgeable and completely in control.

Thank you so much for being part of this. Sorry for the very long email, however I honestly don’t think our story would be the same had it not been for HB.

All the best, and perhaps we’ll see you again if we’re fortunate enough to one day have baby number 2!

Thank you again.

Love, Beth, Chris and Arla x


Romany is such a great advisor when it comes to brith preparation and hypnobirthing. Her course has been fantastic and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to all my friends. Her caring attitude, knowledge and support makes you feel right at home - even a slightly reluctant hubby thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you Romany :) <3 xx


Thank you for your research which has inspired me. The methods you teach has helped me build confidence, avoid fear and have a calm empowering dream natural labour with no medical interventions in just a few hours. (Super proud to be a Hypno Mummy !!! :) 


I thoroughly enjoyed the course and practised every single day for three months. I found the practise very helpful in itself especially at the end when I was 12 days over due! It was a marvellous tool during those final days - I just lounged on my bean bag in the garden listening to my scripts feeling so positive and happy. I also found that doing them with my husband each night meant we both slept better than we ever have.


I did it! I used Hypnobirthing! and it was great, it works.

Things didn't quite go to plan, but I am incredibly proud of myself that I got so far. One thing I will do is promote it and hospitals need educating on it as Rory was forced to be strong with our wishes etc, but that's another story. It was fab! Thank you so much for the course. All the best, (we had a boy 8lb 6) x


My wife got the home birth that she really wanted and she coped with no pain relief, just relying on the HypnoBirthing techniques from your classes.  The first significant surges started about 24 hours before the baby made an appearance with the midwives giving an official labour length of 10 hours.


All I can say is wow. 

Hynobirthing rocks! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

I had an induced labour (waters being broke and then an artificial drip) and for 12 hours it was marvellous. No need for pain killers (and I wasn't being heroic). My dad was my birth partner and our practice together made us the perfect team. I totally zoned out, and felt very empowered and happy. Your positive birth statements were always in my head.

The most important thing for me was not knowing how much I was dilated.

This was proven at 11 hours when the doctor (who completely supported hynobirthing as his wife had carried it out) had to tell me that I was still only 4 cm dilated and they were concerned for the baby's health.

Eventually I had an emergency c section and although a few tears when I found out and I then had some gas and air as my zone collapsed.

But it was still perfect.

As soon as I accepted that a c section was our way and it was best for my daughter, dad and I went into hypnobirthing again and did breathing and calm positive thoughts.

It was totally perfect and I am awe of its power.


We loved our course with Romany. I had wanted to do HB from early on in my pregnancy but my husband was dubious. However we both loved it! I can’t stress enough how helpful it was to us both - we gained soo much knowledge and it helped us to have the most amazing birth. Can’t recommend enough. Thank you Romany.


Thank you to Romany for her hypnobirthing course. This course is so much more than some relaxation techniques and hypnobirthing scripts. I would describe it as a birth preparation course as we discussed all elements of the labour and birth and how hypnobirthing can help me relax through the process and have an empowered and positive birth experience.