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Avery's Birth - 2020

We are very pleased to say baby Avery arrived on the 27th June, and it was a positive birth experience!! 


I can’t believe a month has nearly gone by already... crazy! 


We are really glad we done your course as it enabled us to have the knowledge and tools to understand the process and make decisions to suit us.


I was 12 days ‘over’ (still not keen on the speech!!) and I agreed to be induced as there was no signs of her coming, however I felt she wanted to come but my body needed a helping hand to start the process.

Being induced wasn’t nice at all, I had to be in the hospital on my own and they used the hormone pessary. The only good thing to come of that situation was meeting a new mum friend!! They induced me a 4pm on Friday and I am sure that evening I was having contractions but they were masked by the intense pain of the pessary.

By 11.30 am the next morning I was in so much pain (felt very dramatic!) and yep I was 4cm dilated! I was taken down to the delivery suite and josh arrived - yay!


The midwifery team was outstanding and once the pessary was removed and the pain gone (about 30mins) I was able to cope with the birth. Little Avery didn’t waste anytime and arrived in a few hours - 4.21pm weighing 7.1lbs and every inch of perfection!

Josh was absolutely amazing throughout the process and fundamental in delivering Avery - I don’t think I could of done it without him. 


We have both had no complications and are enjoying getting to know each other and figuring out mother/baby life.


Thanks again 


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