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Would you run a full marathon unprepared?


Research has shown that giving birth is a little bit like running a marathon (way better though because at the end you get champagne AND a baby).

Now do you know anyone who's completed a marathon without thorough mental, emotional and physical preparation? Nope, me neither.


Nobody would expect anyone to run a full marathon without having trained properly.

And no one should be expected to birth a baby without fully understanding how and why, and turning that fear and doubt into confidence and excitement!

And hypnobirthing teachers are the sports psychologists of the birth world!

Why hypnobirthing?


A hypnobirthing course is a complete antenatal course, and more. It's a promise to yourself that you are an all powerful and strong being, willing to make this experience not only positive but empowering. With or without a birth partner the course will give you all the tools you need to approach the birth of your baby feeling capable, calm and of course confident. 

It is a logical and evidence based informative course that requires absolutely no leap of faith but will release your fears surrounding childbirth. You will also learn some valuable deep relaxation techniques that are as effective in pregnancy and through labour as they are in everyday life. Birth, just like life, is unpredictable. So we learn to control what we can and understand & help what we can not, leading to better outcomes for mum & baby. 

Hypnobirthing is special because it uses the science of hypnosis to get to your deeply rooted beliefs around labour and birth, clear anything out that will not support you. This enables you to let go of fears, worries and anxieties that would otherwise hinder your natural birthing instincts. Hypnobirthing strips back these unnecessary limiting layers to reveal a more confident, powerful and in control mama, ready for any turn her birth path may take!

 You will learn to trust in your body's and your baby's messages, so you can assist them in the best way possible.

I work with various experts such as acupuncturists, midwives and breastfeeding specialists and regularly refresh the content of the course with the latest evidence and research. So you can trust that what you're getting from these classes is going to support you and your baby in this journey together!

Does this sound good to you?

With La Mama classes:

  • You can feel fully prepared, calm and confident whether you are planning a home birth or hospital birth, an elective caesarean or an induction.

  • You are likely to experience a more comfortable and sometimes pain free birth.

  • Your baby will arrive to a serene and relaxed environment, alert and ready to bond with you as nature intended.

  • Length of labour is often much shorter with hypnobirthing births.

  • Less drugs and medical intervention are used in hypnobirthing births, better for you and baby. 

  • Mamas often recover quicker after a hypnobirthing birth as the physical impact of giving birth is reduced.

  • Your birth partner will learn how to support you and have a central and active role in the birth. A truly shared and loving experience. No need to feel helpless anymore.

  • The benefits to you are obvious, but the long term benefits to your baby cannot be overestimated.

  • You learn lots of easy techniques for labour and birth and beyond. 

  • A La Mama special: an introduction to the use of acupressure and rebozo in labour, known to greatly reduce feelings of pain and strain, and help baby descend!

  • An introduction to all the best evidence based research proven techniques to help you have the best birth for YOU!

  • See what's covered in the full course in FAQ's.


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