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Everett's Birth - 2020

I saw your post today- happy birthday to your daughter!!

It made me finally write you- I have been wanting to tell you our birth story since our son was born Weds April 29. 

I had the most incredible birth experience!

There were so many signs baby was on the way- the weather changed from a month of sunshine to pouring rain, i was restless the night before, I saw a stork flying over our house, etc... My water broke Tues morning and I decided not to go to the hospital fearing they would want to induce labor. 

In the evening we did acupressure to get the contractions going, which finally started becoming regular around 11pm. We went to bed, and while Jeff slept, I quietly rode the waves of contractions with my breath through the night- it was so incredible!!

It was intense, as I anticipated, but I wouldn’t exactly call it painful. If I lay completely still, thought positive thoughts about my cervix opening, breathed and relaxed, I could manage the sensation. If I moved at all, the pain doubled- so it was a mind game requiring a lot of focus. It was wonderful to be in complete darkness in my own bed with Jeff asleep beside me. I was even timing my contractions on an app on my phone! I timed 49 contractions during early labor and transition.

When Jeff woke up he didn’t realize how far along I was because I had been so quiet. I was having more intense sensations and he did some acupressure to help manage it.  But actually I was probably completely dilated, and in transition- it was getting more intense and I finally suggested we start heading to the hospital.

He thought I was just beginning! So he went to make a coffee before leaving, but then I realized the baby was in the birth canal and started screaming to get going!!  Jeff loaded me in the car and drove like a banshee down the gorge to the Sallanches hospital in 15 mins. Baby was basically crowning in the back of the van...


At the hospital I got onto all fours and let him out with 3 pushes, and he was perfect, crying and then nursing immediately. The midwives were both irritated that we hadn’t come sooner, and impressed that we were all so chill and birthed so easily.


Labor took about 12 hours. Looking back, I kinda wish I had just pushed him out at home, and called my midwife for an “emergency” but altogether it was absolutely incredible...  I just had that overwhelming urge to push which was more powerful than anything I’ve ever experienced, and it would’ve been nice to really engage with that rather than trying to hold baby inside in the car!


We had to stay at the hospital for 2 days because they wanted to monitor Everett for infection because my water broke early. He was only 6.5 lbs and week early, so maybe that helped the speedy birth.


The most amazing things to me were how aware I was of everything, and how in control and relaxed I was between the contractions. Also how powerful the hormones were! I was high on Oxytocin for about a week after the birth. I have the most amazing memories now and I cherish them. There are moments that just make me laugh remembering. I had no fear, just positive thoughts, and I would do it all again in a heartbeat.


Now I just want to advocate for natural childbirth, and hypnobirthing techniques. I wish more women knew about this and could experience it. One holdup is that I know many women and friends who wanted a natural birth, but complications like “failure to progress” led to C-section, and they were somewhat traumatized. So I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging, and also know it won’t work for everyone. But more women should know this type of birth is possible for them!!


Anyway, look me up if you’re ever in Chamonix, it would be lovely to meet in person.


Best wishes,


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