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Motherhood - Mama & Babes Mindfulness

AKA 'How not to lose your sh*t'

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Traduction en cours!

Whether we are parenting 1, 2 or more little ones, we know how important it is for us to 'fill our own cups up'. Yet do we do it? Sometimes, we take a few hours here and there, now and then we'll do something just for us. Is that enough? No.

Is there actually a way we can have both: a family and a healthy mind body and soul? Yes. This is about exactly that.

A practical and straightforward introduction to how you can stay sane whilst parenting.

How when you look within, you need to look outside less. How when your needs are met, you can meet your families needs a lot easier, less struggle and more energy.

You don't have to be a certain type of parent, you can just be You and your family will thrive from it.

Let yourself be awakened and guided mama, for you, for your babies, for us all.

What you will get:

*a full live one to one class with me, Romany (approx 2 hours)

*a full recorded mindfulness for kids class to watch when you like

*guided meditation tracks for you and your kids

*lots of extra support materials to help you with your 'work'

* learn some simple and practical techniques to stay as chilled as a cucumbumber (that’s how my daughter says it and it’s so much better)

* reconnect to yourself and bond with your little creation

* refuel, awaken and burn brighter than before

* my support by email

* my utter respect for doing this for yourself and those around you

This is for you if:

*you feel like there's "something more" to parenting

*you don't want to wake up in 20 years exhausted and feeling like you've lost yourself

*you want to feel your best so you can give the best you have to your children and family

*you're tired of 'not getting it right'

*you're just tired of being tired

*you want to be a better role model

*you don't want to reproduce some of your parents parenting

*you want to build your confidence as a parent

How it works:

*book your 2 hour session here

*pick your date and time

*you will receive an email with some questions to help me tailor the sessions to you

*you can follow your class up with some extra support sessions if you wish

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